How to Choose The Best Rugged iPhone Case For Extreme Sports

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If you’re looking for a durable and rugged iphone case for extreme sports, then there are a few main components you want in a phone. You need a phone that’s weather resistant, dirt resistant, and shock resistant all in one.

When looking at cases, you always want to make sure that it’s going to cover the entire phone. Port plugs are an important feature. They keep the elements from being able to enter the phone in its most vulnerable points. It’s also important to find a phone case that’s going to provide maximum protection to the screen of the case. Gorilla Glass or a similar material is light-weight and provides maximum protection to phone covers. The seal between the glass and the screen should be air-tight so that you can use your phone while in the case.

The case you choose also needs to be able to easily handle and store. When you’re going an extreme sport, you may get wet and have a hard time holding into your case. When this happens, you need to be able to have a case that’s not slippery and lets you get a firm grasp. Choose a case that has slightly harder edges, rather than a sleek form. Also, look at the materials to determine whether it’s going to be easy to clip onto yourself, a bike, or however you’re going to be storing your iphone.

A lot of iphone cover companies are going to claim that their phone cover is the best, but how do you actually figure out which is going to work out for an extreme sport? The Ingress Protection rating scale is an easy way to get a comparison of how well your phone is going to stand up to the elements in a certain case. The protection rating given will generally be two or three numbers. The first number is how well the case protects from solid objects or materials. The second number tells how well the case protects from liquids. And the third number, which is not always included tells how well a case protects from mechanical impacts. This is an impartial rating score that’s a great idea to check out before buying an iphone case.

One final area where you want to look is the actual materials of the case itself. If your phone is protected with flimsy plastic, all the protection in the world isn’t going to last very long. In order to get the most out of your iPhone case for extreme sports, look into what materials make up the case. You may even want to do some of your own research before buying. Beware of any cases that are extremely inexpensive. It’s well worth the extra cost to have a case that’s going to protect your phone.

These are the key ways to look into buying an iPhone case that’s suitable for extreme sports. Check out, Use these tips to find a durable case that will offer maximum protection in a variety of terrains and extreme sports.

Sports Net Culture of Young People and Sport Brands

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E-zine is becoming a communication tool for sites, online fans clubs and brands.

E-ZINE (Electronic-magazine) is a magazine/newsletter published online. With the frequent match/athlete updates and demand for information through multi-media channels, E-ZINE is an easy way for netizens to access sports related information.  E-ZINE is also used as a promotion tool for commercial sites, online fans clubs and brands.

The E-ZINE can be seen as an alternative platform for brands to deliver information. More  importantly, it can be seen as an opportunity for brands to build long term relationship with core netizens or fans communities.

GAME ‘GROUP REPORTING’: Netizens passionately and systematically report on and discuss games

Group reporting is popular among netizens and is done by a group of passionate and professional sports fans. Brands could acquire useful content by cooperating with these netizens, e.g. NBA has already begun to invite bloggers to write match reports for its official site.
Moreover, popular activities on E-communities dedicated to sports like “grab floor”, building long conversation threads and match promotion can be leveraged by brands to participate in ecommunity.

SPORTS BLOGOSPHERE: Blogs are another popular media and communication channel for sports fans

Blogs have become a popular platform for individual netizens to show their passion for sports.  Furthermore, individual bloggers are beginning to form “blog groups” to increase communication and the exchange of ideas between bloggers.

CARTOON BLOG:  Cartoon bloggers are well received by sports fans especially when they create new cartoon images

Sports cartoon blogger are a growing trend generating impressive page views.

Brand’s direct or indirect involvements with cartoon bloggers demonstrates a new way to connect to fans for brands.